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Cioccoidee | Packaging personalizzato Poliedro Luxpack
Packaging personalizzato Poliedro Luxpack. Elegante poliedro in cartotecnica artigianale, idoneo ad ospitare regali di prestigio....
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Platonic Solids 3D Sacred Geometry Statement Earrings in Recycled Ancient Bronze
In three-dimensional space, a Platonic solid is a regular, convex polyhedron consisting of congruent regular polygonal faces with the same number of faces meeting at every vertex. Five solids meet those criteria, and each is named after its number of faces. These include the tetrahedron, octahedron, hexahedron (cube), icosahedron, and dodecahedron. Geometers have studied the mathematical beauty and symmetry of the Platonic solids since ancient times. They are named for the ancient Greek philosop
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Red Leather D12 (Pentagonal Dodecahedron) Dice Bag
This is a small bag made of natural vegetable tanned leather. Formed into a dodecahedron and dyed a rich red, it is a unique and unusual bag for holding a variety of small objects. Good for game enthusiasts, as it makes a good dice bag, it's shape being reminiscent of a 12-sided die. The surface has been smoothed To be pleasant to the touch. The bag has a flap that is closed by a gold snap lock, making it easy to open when needed but secure enough to not open at random. This bag makes a good gif
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Dustin Dodecahedron table lamp
Dustin Dodecahedron table lamp #cm#height#shape#total