Algebra 2

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One of my favorite activities from this past year's Algebra 1 class was our Function Auction. When I originally did this in class, I threw . Math Teacher, Math Classroom, Teaching Math, Math 8, Teaching Ideas, Classroom Ideas, Math Puns, Teaching Technology, Technology Tools

Function Auction Updated

One of my favorite activities from this past year's Algebra 1 class was our Function Auction. When I originally did this in class, I threw ...

Function Or Not A Function Worksheet - Identifying Function Not A Function Linear Function Functions Function Or Not A Function Worksheet Homework Quiz Tpt Algebra 1 Worksheets Domain And R. Teacher Worksheets, Math Teacher, Math Classroom, Teaching Math, Printable Worksheets, Teaching Ideas, Free Printable, Classroom Ideas, Linear Function

Function Worksheets

Grab our free printable function worksheets featuring domain and range, function tables, graphing, evaluating functions and more.

In this post is a graphing logarithmic functions step by step video and a free graphing logarithm functions cheat sheet. The cheat sheet can be given to students for their notebooks or enlarged to create an anchor chart for your wall. Math Teacher, Math Classroom, Teaching Math, Teaching Technology, Teacher Memes, Teaching Reading, Math Cheat Sheet, Cheat Sheets, Logarithmic Functions

Graphing Logarithmic Functions Cheat Sheet

Free graphing logarithmic functions cheat sheet for Algebra and Algebra 2 students. This sheet goes along with the free reference sheet for exponential functions I posted. Students can color their sheets for their math notebooks and it can be enlarged to make a logarithms anchor chart poster.

Sequence Of Transformations Worksheet Elegant Transformations Practice Packet Grade Math Math Teacher, Teaching Math, Transformation Geometry, Reflection Math, Transformations Math, Math Reference Sheet, Guided Math, Math Tutor, Math Math

Transformations Practice Packet ~ 8th Grade Math

50 plus practice problems involving translations, rotations, reflections, dilations, congruence and similarity. All transformations are centered about the origin and across the x and y axis. Students will label new coordinates, sketch the new figure, and describe the transformation.

This is a yes or no worksheet where the students look at 20 different graphs and use the vertical line test to decide rather or not they are a function. High School Algebra, Maths Algebra, Math For 6th Graders, Sat Course, Linear Function, Pencil Test, Math Quotes, Math Sheets, Math Formulas

Relations and Functions 1 (pencil test)

This is a yes or no worksheet where the students look at 20 different graphs and use the vertical line test to decide rather or not they are a function.

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Unit Circle Word Wall - print and digital

With references for radians and degrees, 30, 45 and 60 degree right triangles and their cosine and sine values, and coordinate pairs, this word wall is a useful reference for Geometry, Algebra 2, Trigonometry or Precalculus students working with the unit circle. Also includes quadrant labels (not sh...

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FREEBIE Resources to Help you Teach your Lesson on Operations with Complex Numbers.   FREE Worksheet, Guided Notes, Exit Quiz, Bell Work, Power Point, and More! Math Teacher, Math Classroom, Teacher Tips, Google Classroom, Math Lesson Plans, Math Lessons, Teaching Secondary, Secondary Math, Math Resources

Operations with Complex Numbers - Total Recall ⋆

Resources to help you Teach Operations with Complex Numbers Worksheet, Bell Work, Exit Quiz, Power Point, Guided Notes, and much more!

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Exponent Rules

Teacher's Math Resources blog - a collection of free and paid resources for teachers.

This Algebra 1 Linear Equations Worksheet will produce problems for practicing graphing linear inequalities. You may select the inequality signs used. Algebra 2 Worksheets, Tracing Worksheets, Algebra 1, Teacher Worksheets, Graphing Linear Inequalities, Solving Equations, Math Equations, Linear Function, Activities

Algebra 2 Worksheets | Linear Functions Worksheets

These Algebra 2 generators allow you to produce unlimited numbers of dynamically created linear functions worksheets.

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Personalized Parabolas (Conics) Poster Activity Guide

Students will create a product illustrating their unique parabola, derived from information unique to them, such as their name and birth month. Conic form parabolas are featured, with an emphasis on direction of opening, vertex, focus, and directrix. Students will use the direction of opening, verte...