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a small dog wearing a red mask on top of it's face while standing on a tile floor
a man holding a beer in his hand and the caption reads, nao, obrigado, eus to tom no cu
a close up of a red star with spanish words in the background and an image of a logo on it
a black and red logo with the words raga, armor e paixo
header flamengo
an image of two different logos with the same person
two people are talking to each other with words written on the side of their heads
a young boy is standing in the grass with his hand up to the sky while wearing a red and black soccer uniform
a cartoon drawing of a man standing in front of a door with the caption me come gabigo
a man in a red and black shirt is holding a drink with the word ganhamo on it
the logo for an official football team, as well as a shield and a soccer ball
a large group of people standing in the middle of a street surrounded by tall buildings
Flamengo ❤️🖤😍
a man with tattoos holding up a trophy in front of a large group of people
a man holding up a large trophy in front of a crowd at a sporting event
#flamengo #gabigol
a man holding up a silver trophy on top of a field with other people in the stands