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3 House plants for your shower 😮
Rearrange the plants on pole
It means more room for plants and rearranging the plant pole is what plant lovers love doing every few weeks!!!
how to dry and preserve herbs
How to Dry and Preserve Herbs - The Lavender Homefront
how to keep critters out of your garden
Don't Let Critters Steal Your Produce
Don't let the rabbits, deer, and other critters steal all your garden fresh vegetables. Learn how to keep the animals out of your garden so you get to harvest all the delicious produce yourself. I'll explain what works and what doesn't. gardening problems | beginning gardener
a potted plant with herbs in it and the words herbs that should be planted together and those that should not
Herbs That Grow Together In a Pot
When it comes to having a herb garden, there's really nothing more satisfying than picking your very own fresh herbs for that night's dish! These herbs that grow together can be planted in just� More