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the interior of a diner with checkered counter tops and stools in front of it
a dining room table and chairs in front of a fireplace
Austin Design: Better and Best
Rustic & Casual. rough slate floor. gorgeous table. beamed ceiling. {and it's on Lake Austin}
the interior of a rustic cabin with wooden walls and ceilings
Adevărată poveste rustică la interiorul acestei cabane de munte | Adela Pârvu - Interior design blogger
Long entry vaulted ceilings ceiling hall medieval lodge rustic
an open door leading into a brick building with iron bars on the top and bottom
Door Trakai Castle, Vilna, Lithuania ..rh
a wooden table sitting in front of a stone wall next to a doorway with wine glasses on it
the inside of a restaurant with wooden tables and chairs
Prague – This and That
Medieval Tavern in Prague | The decor is Neo-Torture Chamber. I think they used the same interior ...
an old stone building with a wooden table and bench in the center, surrounded by other antique furniture
The Irish Aesthete
This is a perfect example of medieval interior, with the simple but elegant tables and chairs, the beautiful candle lit chandelier and the cobbled walls brings out the historical theme of this castle.
an old fashioned dining room with wooden tables and benches in front of a fire place
-You're my light,My tiny ball of light
Dining Hall in the Great Stack
a bar with lots of wine glasses hanging from the ceiling
really lovely bar scene
a wooden box with a telescope in it
british colonial decor
there is a brass light on the wall
Ship Lights & Lanterns - Nautical Antique Warehouse
Ship Lights & Lanterns - Nautical Antique Warehouse
there is a rope bridge going over the water in this boat's dock area
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Pirate ship photos from Pathecat
the deck of a large ship with lots of ropes on it
18th century ship deck - Google Search