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an image of hearts drawn in watercolor on white paper with pink and red colors
a red heart with the words para toda la vida written on it
a heart shaped object with the words creo en mi on it
a heart shaped sign with flowers and leaves on it that says viva lavida
the words in different languages are written on a blackboard with colorful lettering and an image of
Chora Que Eu Te Escuto!!!
Chora Que Eu Te Escuto!!!
the words are made up of different colors and shapes, including letters that spell out their names
an image of a heart with the word vibra alto on it and two birds flying around
there is a large amount of stuffed animals on display in the room with white walls
SNAPSHOTS week 36/2020 - ENJOY! The Good Life
SNAPSHOTS week 36/2020 - ENJOY! The Good Life
a white framed artwork piece with many different objects in it's center and bottom corner
Toys collections | Happy visual artist
Toys collection. Pour l’artiste, les objets sont langage, exhortent nos sens et jalonnent notre histoire. Réceptacle d’un intime enfoui, ils sont supports de notre souvenir. Architecte de la mémoire, Stéphane Gautier collecte depuis toujours jouets et objets du quotidien, qui – après réactualisation – constituent la moelle d’une série de sculptures : les Toys collection. C’est de cette matière que