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Travels in the Ur-real Landscape “Myth is the secret opening through which the inexhaustible energies of the cosmos pour into human manifestation…” – Joseph Campbell…

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White Tree of Gondor. A symbolism of Telperion of Valinor. Guard of the White Tree. Armour of Gondor Fantasy Armor, Medieval Fantasy, Fellowship Of The Ring, Lord Of The Rings, Lotr, Robert E Howard, White Tree Of Gondor, Minas Tirith, O Hobbit

Cloak under pauldrons... interesting - White Tree of Gondor. A symbolism of Telperion of Valinor.

The White Tree of Gondor, by Ted Nasmith. This is the symbol of the realm of Gondor. While there were several trees referred to as the "White Tree," the best-known of these grew in the Court of the Fountain at Minas Tirith. Jrr Tolkien, Tolkien Books, Minas Tirith, Gandalf, Legolas, Aragorn, Thranduil, Baum Von Gondor, Lotr


Gondor was the most prominent kingdom of Men in Middle-earth, bordered by Rohan to the north, Harad to the south, the cape of Andrast and the Sea to the west, and Mordor to the east. Its first capital was Osgiliath, moved to Minas Tirith in TA 1640. The city of Minas Tirith remained the capital of Gondor for the rest of the Third Age and into years of the Fourth Age; other major fortresses included Dol Amroth in Belfalas and Osgiliath, which was a city on the Anduin. Gondor was founded by...

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Getting it right (Special thanks to the Companie of Saint George) | Images Bestowing a level of integrity on any fantasy world means accepting aspects of it that you may never explore, constructing…

Alan Lee Minas Tirith (off 'Castles') Alan Lee, Medieval, Lotr, Minas Tirith, O Hobbit, J. R. R. Tolkien, Into The West, Legolas, Gandalf

Some wild, invulnerable eyrie

“ Alan Lee - Minas Tirith ”

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Minas Tirith... I always dreamed of seeing the white city. Thank you, Mr. Jackson

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Great Gate of Minas Tirith

The Great Gate of Minas Tirith was Minas Tirith's primary entrance point, and prior to its rebuilding, its only weakness.1 The Gate itself consisted of large rolling doors made of steel and iron,set between towers and bastions of indomitable stone.Behind the Gate was a wide court that ended at the base of the great "ship-keel" of stone that cut through most of the city. Before the Gate was theGateway, a short avenue which led to the intersection of roads in thePelennor Fields. During the…