No-Sew-Roman-Shade using simple tension rod. Way to try out a roman shade before investing in replacing all window treatments

Как сшить римские шторы своими руками на кухню, гостиную. Как пошить, сделать римские шторы на окна самостоятельно. Купить римские шторы - пошив штор на заказ

How to sew roman shades with his hands in the kitchen, living room. How to sew, make roman blinds on the windows themselves.

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Como hacer una cortina romana primaveral paso a paso

One more way to make a Roman shade.  I never realized how much I like them.

Fresh Project Ideas for Fabric or Paper

Privacy in the bathroom is of utmost importance -- and the tailored yet functional characteristics of the Roman shade are perfectly suited for the job. From Better Homes and gardens.

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