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Body Language & Forensic Psychology Intensive Course – Socially Souled
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Intensive certification course on Forensic Pathology and Body language - register now!
Forensic Psychology & Body Language Intensive Course: 11th January 17 pm Comment 'interested' or DM us on Instagram for the zoom link!
Are criminals born or made? If you want to know the answer join our intensive course on this topic!
Have you ever wondered about how experts deduct the truth? Did you ever want to learn how the judicial system operates? Were you ever so deeply invested in Mindhunter and Criminal Minds that Forensic Psychology seemed like your one true calling? At Socially Souled, we believe in giving an inch to people so that they can take a mile on their own! Our intensive course on Body Language and Behaviour Analysis with an integration of Forensic Psychology is just that! Come learn and unlearn about these fields and its integration from experts of the fields: a Body Language Expert and a Forensic Psychologist! Through a focused environment with an apt student to teacher ratio in a curriculum aimed to offer you live learning and expansive resource material, and a chance to practice your acquired
There is so much scope for people who want to go into Neuropsychology in India!
Neuropsychology may look like a field which is rare in psychology, but in reality, there is a lot of scope and further sub-fields in neuropsychology to be explored. Neuropsychology is highly in demand nowadays globally and in India too, and the average pay scale is also better than other fields of psychology. Currently, work within the field of neuropsychology has focused on child, geriatric, acquired brain injury, and forensic populations with a development of unique rehabilitations to suit needs of several clinical conditions. Some amazing career options in neuropsychology are : -Clinical neuropsychologists - Clinical pediatric neuropsychologist - Neuropsychology researcher - Neuropsychology professor - Rehabilitation director - Forensic neuropsychologist - Cognitive Neuropsy
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A certificate course and training program on Dream Analysis and Lucid Dreaming
Dream Analysis and Lucid Dreaming Training Program by Socially Souled LLP* Sigmund Freud viewed dreams as “the royal road” to the unconscious and developed dream analysis as a way of tapping into this unconscious material. The Training Program aims at providing techniques and theories behind various ways for dream analysis and lucid dreaming. Be it a professional, student, or someone intrigued by the world of dreams, through this program you will be able to expand your knowledge base and get ex
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Masterclass on Essential Counselling Skills – Socially Souled
*Online Essential Counselling Skills Masterclass By Socially Souled LLP* Counseling Skills are interpersonal and technical traits that a counselor uses to understand and listen to their clients better. Using these skills, a counselor helps a client overcome obstacles that are preventing them from leading a happy life. These skills help one build rapport, establish trust, and ensure that the clients feel heard and understood. 👉 𝐒𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐝𝐮𝐥𝐞 ➡️ Date: 18th December 2022 ➡️ Day: Sunday ➡️ Time:
Thank you for all your support to our psychological community and to our cause!
Internship opportunities in government hospitals for psychology students!
Clinical psychology is a field that requires a lot of practical learning under expert guidance and what’s better than an internship in a government hospital. The process may differ state to state, but the basics are as follows: 👉 Firstly visit a government hospital nearby and ask for psychiatry/psychology department if present. 👉 If yes, then ask from HR or any other related official regarding the process for the same. 👉 Enquire a bit regarding the role of intern, what you will get to learn etc. Points to remember- • Internships are subject to availability. • Internships may be paid or unpaid based on the institution you opt for. • Recommendation letters may be needed sometimes to get an internship. Benefits- • Highly experiential and good for practical exposure! • Get to
Some must need websites for exam season!
Since most students have the exam season coming up- here are some apps and websites for better productivity: 1. Study Stream- StudyStream is a video platform & online community that allows students to study with others from around the world 24/7 and in real time. It brings accountability & motivation to the students from over 180 countries who study with us daily. 2. Stoic- Stoic is a full-featured mental health tracker. Everyday stoic prepares bite-sized reflections and mental health activities that will help you breathe, sleep and focus better. 3. Focus Keeper- Focus Keeper is a simple, straightforward Pomodoro app. Unlike other apps on our list, you can use Focus Keeper too: Set a task you need to finish. Set the timer for 25 minutes. Stay focused until the timer rings, alerting y
See these if you are struggling to find PAID internships!
There are some platforms that offer listings of free as well as paid internships in psychology in organized manner. 👉🏻 Internshala - Provides verified listings of internships from allover India ,including offline. part-time and online ones 👉🏻LinkedIn- Provides multiple internships opportunities from various startups,NGO's and institutions. 👉🏻Glassdoor- It provides interships in a similar manner like the other two Comment below your favourite platforms! Follow @sociallysouled for your daily dose of knowledge and fun✨