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an image of a building made out of legos and papercrafting materials with the text, simple
how should this build be called? (built with u/SnarpleTea)
several different types of beds and couches made out of wood pallets, with instructions to make them
Secret Chest Minecraft
an image of a minecraft character with the words god armor in front of it
Best Enchantments For All Armor and Items in Minecraft
an image of a room that looks like it has been made into a virtual game
Adding floating end rods above your end portal adds a nice mystical vibe to it!
four different types of storage designs in the game
Here are some Efficient & Aesthetic Storage Designs I came up with!
an aerial view of a garden with lots of trees and plants in the middle of it
Survival Leke Base by Executive Tree
Minecraft Bedroom, Minecraft Home, Minecraft Cottage
Cozy bedroom & living room I made :)