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Discover Discomfort | Learn to Live Anywhere

The best French movies on Netflix to see a different side of France.

Dare to Cultivate - Just a City Girl Loving her Rural Roots!

Just like that - BAM we're here! It's FEBRUARY! Doesn't it seem like only a few milliseconds ago you were making resolutions for 2019? Yet here we are 6 weeks

How to Learn a Language in One Month

**DISCLAIMER**: Due to recent comments, I am not preaching that you can reach fluency in ANY language in just one month. The beautiful complexities of any la...

Best Apps To Learn Any Language

Learning a language? Check out the best language learning apps to become fluent!

11 Best Educational Websites For Taking Online Courses - Lifez Eazy

Want to learn something new without investing a single penny? then check out these amazing sources to learn anything online for FREE

Free Language Learning Resources in Over 55+ Languages

With these free language learning resources you can reach fluency without breaking the bank. Available in over 55+ foreign languages.

Free Foreign Language Courses

Our 15-year-old decided she wanted to learn Japanese, so she found an app that could teach it to her. She then challenged her sister to learn her choice of language, Hebrew, and me to learn m…