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Cool place for a tattoo

Floral tattoo on neck by Grain Bit concerned about back of neck. A lot of places, actually, since I recall you have to be careful with places with bone and/or tendon

•{ Tbh, these are my favorite types of rings! This is definitely gonna be my next project. }•   More DIY here: http://www.sewinlove.com.au/category/fashion/accessories-fashion/

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Bracelet Celtic - Tutorial

Bracelet Celtic - Tutorial Note to self: give the first loop a tail to go through the bead and secure. Then the "knot work" can be wrapped closely around the bead for a snug and more secure fit.

Easy Craft Projects to Sell | http://diyready.com/25-easy-crafts-to-make-and-sell/

Looking for fun + creative DIY crafts to make? Check out these 50 easy and affordable projects like gold foiled cups, monogrammed keychains, chalkboard calendars, coasters and magnets.