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Kirk vs. the Gorn  Remember this episode alex?

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Star Trek's  The Gorn Commander - 'The Arena'
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Star Trek's The Gorn Commander - 'The Arena'

Such a great episode leading into my favorite Star Trek novel of all time, Yesterday's Son.
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Intergalactic Explorer

““I do not wish to part from you.” ”

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Star Trek - Captain James Kirk by Massimo Carnevale

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Turnabout Intruder by Juan Ortiz

Cool Art: Star Trek TOS Set 20 by Juan Ortiz

Artist Juan Ortiz is back with a new set of retro style Star Trek prints and it's the last set of posters that has chronicled all of the episodes from the original series of Star Trek. The four prints are available as a set of plated-printed lithographs on 100-pound, aqueous-coated, satin-finish paper. Each print measures 18" x 24" and the set of four is $34.95. US and Canada fans can purchase the sets at Star Trek Shop. Pyramid will have the images available in the UK on Wood for £39.99…

Salt Vampire ~ I remember this episode, scary...
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Salt Of The Earth

Daily Draw: Chinese Tarot ~ Star The star of longevity, Canopus, is represented by this elderly figure who holds the peaches of the tree that produces its fruit once every 3000 years. The stag is the conductor of souls in many beliefs and cranes represent faithfulness and long life. I was reminded by this card to finally get around to taking a longevity test, this one from the University of Pennsylvania. My results: Life Expectancy: 89.14 Lower Quartile : 82.44 Median Lifetime: 90.45 Upper…

Star Trek Ten For Ward: 10 Favorite Kirk Fight Scenes---Man, what did you eat for much Garlic and what died in there
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Ten For Ward: 10 Favorite Kirk Fight Scenes

News - What were your 10 favorite Kirk fight scenes? See if you list matches that of guest blogger Dayton Ward!

Star Trek - when kirk goes 1 on 1 against the alien you see up there!
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Star Trek: The Original Series (1966)

Gary Combs in Star Trek (1966)

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Star Trek - Gorn

Star Trek - Gorn

Star Trek Arena season 1
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Star Trek Arena season 1

I just love this thing.
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I just love this thing.

all our yesterdays
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A User's Guide to Star Trek: The Original and Animated Series

Exfanding Your Horizons is a daily blog written by two guys who introduce, explain, discuss, and demystify various hobbies and fandoms.

Star trek turnabout intruder poster | Stars:
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"Star Trek: The Original Series" Turnabout Intruder (TV Episode 1969) - IMDb

Directed by Herb Wallerstein. With William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, Sandra Smith. Captain Kirk's insane ex-lover Dr. Janice Lester forcibly switches bodies with him in order to take command of the Enterprise.

Amazing Mondo poster for the Star Trek episode "Arena" by Matt Taylor. WANT!
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Best Art Ever (This Week) - 05.30.14

ComicsAlliance's weekly compilation of the best comics, games, film and TV covers, pinups, maships, fan art and other illustrations discovered in the past week.

Arena - Star Trek: The Original Series Art Prints // by Juan Ortiz
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