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Civil War Quilts: Seven Stars/Seven Sisters 2
A Christmas textiles on Pinterest

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an old newspaper advertisement for seven star quilts, with the same pattern on it
Seven Stars/Seven Sisters 2
Civil War Quilts: Seven Stars/Seven Sisters 2
a quilted table runner with apples in a bowl on the floor next to it
A Christmas textiles on Pinterest
a quilted table cloth with colorful flowers on it
Crochet Models
a table runner with red flowers and a cardinal on it, along with a potted plant
Cardinal TAI13122330 Quilted Table Runner
a table with a potted plant on it next to a quilted table runner
A Pretty Table Runner for any Season - Quilting Digest
a quilted wall hanging with four different colored circles on the front and back of it
The Flower of Life Quilt (Quilting Land)
The Flower of Life Quilt
an image of a circular quilt pattern with the words, how do you write what you're doing?
Handmade Farm Animal Throw Quilt
Handmade Farm Animal Throw Quilt using the Three Dudes pattern 🐮🐰🐷🐓🌳☀️Cute cows, roosters, bunny rabbits, sheep, trees and sunshine all stitched together with super soft Minky fabric on the back!
four different blocks with the same color and size as well as one block that is red, blue, and white
Pinwheel Pot Holder
the diagram shows an image of a red tube in front of a blue square with text reading 10 % sq
Pinwheel Pot Holder
a bowl and spoon on a table next to a quilted pot holder with a flower
Pinwheel Pot Holder
a red, white and blue quilt on display
Pinwheel Pot Holder
a white pot sitting on top of a counter next to a yellow cloth and green napkin
Pinwheel Pot Holder
a pie sitting on top of a wooden table next to a pot holder and spoon
Free Pot Holder Patterns
Quilting Square | Quilting Tecniques | Dont Waste Scrap Fabric
Multiple Patchwork Methods | Patchwork Ideas
Patchwork Ideas Credit @BrilliantArt #sewing #sewingtipsandtricks #tipsandtricks #sweingtips #sewingtricks #projecttotry #sewingforbeginners #sewingtutorials #sewingtutorialforbeginners #sewingprojectforbeginners #amazingtips #easysewingtricks #costura #trucodecostura #costuracreativa #coser #coserfacil #costurafácil
How to Make a Self-Binding Placemat | Shabby Fabrics
Free Easy Connected Stars Table Runner Quilt Tutorial | Missouri Star Quilt Co.
Save this Free Easy Connected Stars Table Runner Quilt Tutorial! Jenny Doan demonstrates how to make a dazzling little table runner with just one charm pack from Bee Vintage by Lori Holt for Riley Blake. Connected Stars is composed of itty bitty half-square triangles and half-rectangle triangles. But don't you worry! Jenny makes it easy with her signature tips and tricks—and her trusty Bloc Loc squaring rulers! Follow Missouri Star Quilt Co. for more Quilting Tutorials!
a table runner with a birdcage on it
the instructions for how to make origami quilts with pictures and text on it
Pinwheel Block Tutorial - She Quilts Alot
someone is stitching together small hexagons with scissors and thread on the table
To work, with hexagons
This is how I get to work. Sometimes, when I can tear myself away from all your blogs and swearing at how hard it is to comment with my iP...