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instead of printing the flower i would embroider it onto the fabric - creating different textures

Rope Stamps

Ideas para hacer tus propios sellos

this stencil idea is awesome! much cheaper than diy stamps with rubber blocks and all the tools needed to carve them.

Charming crocheted window topper -- Cortinas Crochet Hasta 1.40 M X Hasta 1m - $ 400,00 en MercadoLibre

Crochet Curtains For Kids Room - The curtains in a room determine the method by which the room feels and looks. There reall

Screw prints...awsome community helper craft

Printing with Nuts and Bolts and Screws

Técnicas para estampar imágenes en tela | Aprender manualidades es

Técnicas para estampar imágenes en tela

Feather Stamp

Feather Stamp by Pablo Salvaje I love carving stamps and this makes me want to make a whole new set.