Deshilachado: Nombres de puntos de bordado en inglés II / Embroidery stitches English names II

Wendy Schultz Different stitches used in all forms of Sewing via kootoyoo onto Sewing/ Needlework and Embroidery.

thankyou gift a pattern from Pintangle More

This is a hand embroidery pattern for a floral border suitable for beginners to hand embroidery for readers of Pintangle


Pillow, made of hand made tenango from Mexico and cotton b

Fundas peruano mano bordada flores 16 x 16 ovejas y alpaca de lana hecho a mano mandarina naranja

Peruvian Pillow covers Hand embroidered flowers 16 x 16 Sheep & alpaca wool handmade Tangerine Orange by khuskuy on Etsy


By now you know that I am obsessed with Hungarian Folk Art. Traditionally in Hungary this type of art is painted.