"Come over here lassie, and i'll let ya see under my kilt! My diaper needs changin' anyway. " Gaily Bedight in Glasgow, Scotland just adorable


OMG, babies in kilts! Three-year-old triplets Jack, Cameron and Liam Noble get in on the Brave act with kilts and toy swords.


Was recently in Scotland and saw many men dressed similar to this everyday. How sexy they are with the work boots, socks, and kilt. Never knew I loved kilts until this trip! May have to move to Scotland.

Bagpipers at Crieff Highland Gathering 2007

Bagpipers at Crieff Highland Gathering,Scotland

Wearing a kilt at work in his Law Office. Nicely done

Eternal Thistle Kilt, Scottish Kilts, Highlandwear, Tartans and accessories

Going to work in a kilt

Going to work in a kilt. But why is his tie tucked away like that?

Vintage Harrods English Teddy bear wearing a kilt via Etsy.

Vintage Harrods English Teddy bear, English Teddy bear wearing a tartan kilt, teddy bears

Property Brothers in kilts

Drew Scott's photo: Question is.are Jonathan and I REAL Scots men ;) -- Rare for me to pin a real person to this board, but the picture was so perfect, I had to.