Cornmeal and orange pudding, lemongrass panna cotta. Super fancy and refreshing dessert!!!

Philosophy of Flavour .: The Citric: lemongrass pannacotta, cornmeal and orange cake

Chocolate and Beet Dessert Cake

I'm always searching for recipes strange, peculiar . rare, I would say.

Ricotta Mousse Cake

I always think simple desserts that are good, simple in flavours and every one would like it. And then I like to give a twist to make t.

Black & White Dessert! Condensed milk mousse and ganache. Amazing combo!!

Philosophy of Flavour .: Black and White dessert: condensed milk mousse and bittersweet ganache

Easter egg lollipops!!! The kids (and adults) will have fun.

Easter day is coming and we´re used to receive a big chocolate Easter egg (because I´m still a kid), with sorted candys and a small toy i.

Summer Dessert: Rice Pudding, Jasmine Sauce and Speculoos Cookie

Rice pudding, sweet rice, arroz con leche, arroz doce, including dam niao Khao from Thailand: this all refers to the same preparation: c.

Brownie Fundente con Ganache Ahumada y Salada

Brownie Fundente con Ganache Ahumada y Salada