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a large white object sitting on top of a wooden table
Origami Table - folding tyvek dome - Paris Design Week 2015 - Atelier Figura/Sfondo with Yuan Yuan, Atelier JMCA, Wakup, Michael Arrojo, Frédéric d'Incau
a lamp shade with flowers painted on it
Voyage Thistle Tapered Lamp Shade
BuyVoyage Thistle Tapered Lamp Shade, 30cm Online at
an orange vase sitting on top of a table next to a lamp with a colorful shade
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Hand silk painted, retro psychedelic lamp
a lamp that is sitting on a table
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Autumn Leaf Paisley Lamp, Multi-Colour, Hand Silk Painted Shade, 20cm Drum, Green Ceramic Embelleshed Base.
a colorful lamp sitting on top of a table
CUSTOM Made for You. Multi-coloured Psychedelic Design. Hand Silk Painted Lampshade, 20cm, 30cm or 40cm Diameter Drum - Etsy
Hand Silk Painted Psychedelic Patterned Lamp Shade, ||| Color Light.
a green lamp shade with leaves on it
product detail: empire shade cocoa leaf lampshades
a green lamp shade hanging from the ceiling
Bildergebnis für ikea magnarp lampenschirm verschönern
a light that is hanging from the ceiling with a leaf shaped lamp shade on it
DIY lamp made with leafs
a blue light hanging from a ceiling in a room with concrete walls and flooring
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Paper Mache lamp large! Pendant lamp, dutch design, Eco friendly, recycled materials all hand made door RoughHandsTheHague op Etsy