Limonada rosa, para una boda boho chic. Refresca a tus invitados con una limonadas fresquitas y no olvides que la decoración de la mesa es imprescindible!

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Instrucciones cuadro de firmas

Instrucciones cuadro de firmas

Vestidos de vuelo y lunares ideal para fiestas #moda #celebracion #vestido

fashion/dress This is more of a Trapese body-shape dress. It has a polka-dot pattern, it looks like a very short skirt, and it shows a lot of arm skin.

Ideas de esmaltes de uñas como souvenirs de baby shower -

Take a look at the hottest 2016 bridal shower themes - for the modern day bride. From Kate Spade to The Great Gatsby, your bridal shower will be superb!

Paris theme $3 each

Paris theme tickets/invites/poster but maybe gold instead of blue.

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I'm all for the idea of wedding cupcakes. Wedding Cupcake Tower, could be done with any colors or decorations Schoenfeld Schoenfeld Elizabeth-Writer