La cocina.*

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an open door leading to a bathroom with a toilet and colorful tiles on the floor
Una casa repleta de color
Baño colorido con pared naranja y venecitas verdes.
a wicker chair sitting next to a potted cactus
Rohe rotan lounge chair Franco Albini style | Bestwelhip
Vintage rotan chair
an open kitchen and dining room with wood floors
Una cocina elegante sport
En el comedor diario, se colocó una mesa de pino Oregón con enchapado en las esquinas y decapado blanco (Mesas de Pablo) contra un paño fijo que enmarca una vista linda y luminosa. / Santiago Ciuffo
an island in the middle of a kitchen with stools and baskets on top of it
Una cocina elegante sport
Cocina comedor rústica con aires vintage que combina función y belleza. Destacan la barra en madera bruta, grandes lámparas de mimbre y banquetas en rojo y turquesa.
a kitchen with red cabinets and blue shelves
Una foto: Isla
Kitchen island | Casa Chaucha
a living room filled with furniture next to a kitchen and dining room table covered in colorful pillows
Kitchen Ideas, Designs, Trends and Inspiration | Ideal Home
This open-plan kitchen-diner is perfect for family life and socialising. The mix of new and old materials work well to create a friendly and fun space.
the kitchen is clean and ready for us to use
a cozy French flat in the heart of Montmartre with floating metal stairs* brick* pretty tile* edison lights*
pots and pans are hanging on the wall
The World’s Most Beautiful Kitchen Sinks
The World's Most Beautiful Kitchen Sinks | Apartment Therapy