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Nota mental
a pink background with stars and planets on it, the words are written in spanish
Frases Espirituales
a painting with words written on it in spanish
a quote written in gold on a white background with brown leaves and words that read,'no creee en un sitio vele, las plantas, las plants muen si no puedes es pouden
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Avion de papel
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Que tu bienestar mental no dependa de algo o alguien más
a drawing with the words in spanish and an image of two hands holding each other
15 Ilustraciones que tienes que ver para dejar de ser tan dura contigo misma
a buddha sitting in the middle of a pink background with an inscription above it that says,
¿Como tener una autoestima alta? » By Alexa
a pink background with an illustration of a little fairy on it's back and the words
Imperfectas is coming soon
the words in spanish are written on a blue background with an image of a horse and clouds
Imperfectas is coming soon
a drawing of a girl with an arrow in her hand and the words fluir es dejar legar lo que vier y defar lar, lo quer alr los lo que se va
Frase día del día: Aprender a fluir
a boy and girl are talking to each other in front of a sunflower plant
Que nada ni nadie puedan cambiarte
a person wearing a red hoodie standing in front of a wall with birds flying around
Salud Mental
a drawing of a woman holding a plant with the caption'no soy dental, solo me internan gas distintis '
La Ché y sus historias del diario vivir - Cultura Inquieta
a woman is sitting under a tree and looking at her cell phone, with the caption in spanish
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