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Maggie Schubert thinks his picture is important because it relates to the thematic topic of societal expectations and the theme of "a person goes to extremes in order to fit in." Pip completely changes himself so that he can become a true gentleman.  This is similar to how Cady had to become a different person to be welcomed into "The Plastics."  Both of these characters made major alterations to gain acceptance into the high class or popular world.

'Fetch' may never have happened, but 'Mean Girls' certainly did become a thing. Released 10 years ago this week (on April the high school comedy not only gave Lindsay Lohan her best role and made a star out of Rachel McAdams, but it also launc

Mean Girls Lindsay Lohan as 'Cady Heron' all looks by thefilmfreak

Mean Girls Minimalist movie poster, Lindsay Lohan as Cady Heron all looks fashion, light blue print wall art, Gift for her, Girly Art Print

Grabado significa chicas demasiado surtidos lápiz set 6 lápices de lavanda. fritas de queso. miércoles color de rosa. César de la puñalada. A lápices de la escuela

MEAN GIRLS TOO assorted engraved pencil set 6 lavender pencils --Wish these came in pens!