Popsicle Stick Christmas Trees

Popsicle stick Christmas tree craft for kids! They're so easy to make and there are countless ways to decorate them. A fun ornament idea for preschool and kindergarten this holiday season!

Happy Birthday to me! :3 7/7 Más Más

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10 Guirnaldas de papel express - Papelisimo

I Have these cupcake wrappers! Super simple and cute DIY Christmas Garland using cupcake cases. This is a perfect last-minute Christmas craft for the kids.

Guirnalda árboles de Navidad en papel Más

Ok I didn't do this myself but I do have one made by my wonderful youngest sister :) Christmas Tree Bunting Garland

Banderines Imprimibles Gratis - Cumpleaños Infantiles GuiaMu

Banderines Imprimibles Gratis - Cumpleaños Infantiles GuiaMu