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India Flint: The Botanical Alchemist - The Planthunter

India Flint is a botanical alchemist. She dips, dyes and weaves magic into fabrics she finds and makes, with plants collected from the paddocks around her home in rural South Australia, or wherever she happens to be at the time. We had a chat about plants, fabric, and life. Here is what she said…

Making natural paints and inks from plants

I’ve been making an exciting foray into the world of natural paints and inks. It’s not so different from natural dyeing really. You can use the same dye plants but just create a really strong dye b…

How To Make Your Own Natural Dyes

by Ashley English / Illustration by Olivia De Salve Villedieu This article originally appeared on Modern Farmer. Back to the land — it’s officially back...

Interview: How a Pigment Forager Is Creating an Exhaustive Archive of Ochres Around the World

“These ‘colored pigments’ are in fact used across several major industries, and their impact extends far beyond how we experience them as the ‘color spectrum.’”

Hand Knitted Women's Bag rose gold Handmade backpack for | Etsy

Handmade item Handmade summer bags. Wayuu bags are colorful and can be made in any size, this summer is also very fashion. The ropes used can be in various shades. The more vibrant and eye-catching the colors the more beautiful the bag will be. The advantages of knitting bag are light weight, washable and specially prepared for you. The choice of colors and patterns is entirely according to your imagination ız You should definitely get a mesh bag this summer, make sure you won't regret it, I…

The Iso Dye Club ecourse reflection

The live round of the Iso Dye Club has come to an end, although new students are still welcome to join and will be able to work through the ecourse at their own pace. It has been the most wonderful…

the MAIWA BLOG: Natural Dyes - Mordants Part 1


Madder root, avocado skins, onion skins, woad, indigo and acorns a.k.a. There are many ways to relax — kaliko

When everything’s going wrong, the only thing you can do is just relax. So you can either lay down with an eye pillow over your eyes or meditate by cutting out plant dyed fabric scraps until you feel better. For eye pillow lovers there are 3 different colors and fillings in my online shop . They r

Pattern Curator PUMPKIN SPICE

PUMPKIN SPICE by Pattern Curator

Natural Dye

I became interested in natural dye a few months ago after seeing a quilt made with all naturally dyed fabrics. The quilt and its colors were so beautiful, but so difficult to describe. I spend many hours staring at fabric, and yet, here was a color I had never seen before. Naturally, I began googling about natural dyes

Tişörtlerini Mutfaktaki Malzemelerle Boya, Çöpte Değil Cepte Dursun -

Ceviz, papatya, zerdeçal, üzüm, vişne renkli bir çok meyve ve sebzeyi kumaş boyamak için kullanabilir, doğal giysiler elde edebilirsiniz.