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Smith Replica

Smith Replica
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PLEASE Do not copy without credits. Reposting is allowed provided credits and links. Support my cosplay on Parteon Support A. Hearthstone - Valeera and Jaina

Jaina - Hearthstone: Hmm, what to do? by Narga-Lifestream on DeviantArt

Since I already made Diablo + Mephisto for my portfolio I have decided to make all the lesser evils + greater evils from diablo I put Baal on hold for now since I need to figure out a design for his head.

Duriel is an annoying Diablo II boss to fight. Now, thanks to this piece of fanart, he’s also terrifying to look at.

After the George Lucas Interview I hightailed it over to the Exhibit Hall for an event I hoped my Media pass would let.