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a little fox sitting on the ground with its paws up and looking at the camera
an orange and white fox sitting on the ground
two foxes are standing next to each other in the snow
a brown and white fox laying on top of a grass covered field with its eyes closed
a dog laying on its back with it's paws in the air next to a pillow
a red fox standing on top of snow covered ground next to a camera
a sleeping fox curled up on a bed
a blue stuffed animal sitting on the floor
Squishmallows Toys | Rare Florence Blue Fox Squishmallow 16 Inch | Color: Blue | Size: Osg
Florence Blue Fox (Rare) Squishmallow 16" Florence Is A Pastel Blue Fox With A Furry Belly Which Is Patterned In Cobalt Blue And White. She Has Large, Triangular Ears, The Insides Of Which Are Shimmery Silver. The Banded Markings Across Her Eyes And Sides Of Her Face Are White. She Has Round Black Eyes With Short Lashes, A Triangular Nose And Two Angled Whiskers On Each Cheek.