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a close up of a cat on a tree branch
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Ocelote. …
there is a cat that is sitting on the ground with words in front of it
a squirrel is sitting on the side of a tree in the snow and eating something
winter by Ervin Kobakçi
“Cada trozo de tierra, es sagrado para mi pueblo, cada playa arenosa, cada niebla en los bosques oscuros, cada prado, cada insecto en su zumbido. Todos ellos son sagrados en el recuerdo y en la experiencia de mi pueblo. Jefe de la Tribu Suwamixh (s. XIX)
a small kitten is sleeping in someone's hand while they are holding out their paw
Te invito a ser feliz.
two baby deers cuddle in the middle of purple and white flowered field
a small brown rabbit sitting on top of a white blanket
The Daily Bunny
Cómo no te voy a querer..
a person holding a small white kitten in their hand
a small duck wearing a flower crown on its head
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a small rabbit wearing a flower crown on top of it's head and sitting on the floor
Start A Fire
Emergencia!!! Exceso de ternura de inmediato⭐
an image of a penguin that is looking out from its burril in the snow
De cukiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
a close up of a fox in the snow with it's face covered by snow
Marisol's Corner / El Rinconcito de Marisol: Photo
Marisol's Corner / El Rinconcito de Marisol : Photo
three lion cubs sitting on top of a black cabinet in the middle of a room
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