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a table with two candles on it in front of a wall hanging from the ceiling
Make a Crankie Box
Make a Crankie Box - - This is EVERYTHING
an old building with a water wheel in the middle of it's roof and grass growing on top
Historia medieval de España - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
Historia medieval de España - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
an old machine is sitting in a room
Wooden Gears Galore
Wooden Gears Galore | A complex of wooden cogged and pegged … | Flickr
an old clock made out of rusty gears in a room with stone walls and ceiling
Filatures Punt i Creu
El Oxido del tiempo: Filatures Punt i Creu
the inside of an old wooden building with ropes
Historical Theaters
Drottningholm Palace Theater - near Stockholm, Sweden. Built 1766, it still retains the original, maintained stage machinery - "including moving waves, trapdoors, cloud cars, lighting machinery and wind and thunder machinery". [2nd of two pins - text adapted from Skyscraper City website]
an old advertisement for refrigerators with pictures on the front and back doors, showing how to clean them
Box Theater, Toy paper rolling play
an old wooden boat is being worked on in a room with ropes and other things
Machinery and Special-effects Equipment in the Castle Theater
Castle Theatre in Český Krumlov, Controlling capstan for the curtain, 1999, foto: Věroslav Škrabánek
an instruction diagram for how to make a bird feeder
The History and Science of Sound | TSDCA
History of Sound in Theatre | TSDCA
an old drawing of a machine with clouds in the sky above it and below it
Nicola Sabbatini - Wikipedia
Cloud-machine-sabbatini - Nicola Sabbatini - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
an old drawing of people working in a factory with wheels and machines on the wall
DIGITAL – W. Heath Robinson
W. Heath Robinson was an English illustrator best known for his drawings of ‘Eccentric Machines’. He became so famous for his illustrations that his name is now used as a word for such machines that are overly complex but offer little in the way of usefulness...