☯☮ॐ American Hippie Bohemian Style ~ Multi color crochet dress! I would wear this a tunic.

Like this but wouldnt wear as a dress, maybe a long skirt with some doc martin boots to go along with it, yep!

Selena Gomez I really need to learn crochet. I'll most likely give up in frustration well before I can even make a bloody vest, though.

patrón chaleco de ganchillo

Clothing/granny square - how to crochet-Outstanding Crochet: Free pattern, notes, and charts for crochet long vest.

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Bo-M-inspiration only-beautiful ponchos and kimonos on this page-crochet. No patterns, but an experienced crocheter could suss out the granny square ponchos pretty easily I think.

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4 big granny motifs and some fringe are all you need to create this stunning poncho

Delantales para la cocina modernos

Delantales para la cocina modernos

This cupcake queen needs one of these! Frosted Cupcake Women's Flirty Apron Front from Flirty Aprons