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The Fundamentals of Ayruveda

We all are aware of only 10 popular incarnations of Lord Vishnu but as per scriptures and puranas, Lord Vishnu incarnated 24 times in .

Wow, another crazy yoga pose (but clicking on the picture taking you to an article of what not to wear to yoga class)

Get Amazing Arms With These Advanced Yoga Poses In the mood to try something new and more challenging? Give these advanced yoga poses a try that are sure to increase your upper-body strength and muscle definition.

10 Most Popular Yoga Myths BUSTED #yoga #findyouryoga #healthnut

This is beautiful to me. Yoga is one of the oldest regimes for fitness in India and with it also comes some associated myths. Here we break 10 of the most popular yoga myths of today!

I'd like to break down this video and learn each pose individually, then eventually string them all together. Something to aspire to!

Before i ever knew of yoga, i always said i was most impressed by gymnasts because of the control they have over their bodies. This video is incredible. Amazing control, strength, and beauty.

30 Day Yoga Challenge : Day 6 - Baby Grasshopper - Yoga Articles |

30 Day Yoga Challenge : Baby grasshopper choosing this pose for the 30 day strength challenge for this month!

Under the Oaks blog: Women in the Workplace [Honoring Our Mothers] Infographic

Women In the Workplace: Then Vs. Millennial women - the numbers - Then Vs. With millennial women leading the charge, there’s no telling what another 30 years will bring!