con lanas gruesas, y plantillas de borreguito, super calentitas

Genius slipper design where you knit a short "scarf", fold and sew onto your bottom. **Cut soles from felt or even leather/suede, and crochet the fabric strip (or hell, sth that simple I can knit).

Manualidades de navidad con rollos

7 manualidades navideñas con rollos de papel

Santa and Elf Utensil Holder. made out of toilet paper rolls. This would be so cute for a Christmas dinner table setting.

renos hechos con tubos de cartón

5 adornos de Navidad caseros con tubos de cartón

Cardboard Tube Reindeer Craft toilet paper roll reindeer The Craft Train shares a fun craft to make reindeer from cardboard tubes.

Manualidades con rollos de Navidad

7 manualidades navideñas con rollos de papel

Toilet roll nativity set - an adorable homemade nativity set that toddlers and preschoolers will love playing with - happy hooligans