Cómo preparar y servir "mate" - Argentina.

Planta del mate

Los 10 mandamientos de un buen Mate Argentino.the 10 amendments of a good Argentinian Mate :)

Con que tenía un significado cada tipo de mate... jejeje

Lenguaje del mate "With Love, The Argentina Family~Memories of Tango and Kugel; Mate with Knishes"

Argentinito tomando mate de leche con la bombilla. Mi hija ya tenía 3 ó 4 años cuando le regalamos un mate de plata. Aclaración: generalmente, lo que dicen de nuestras costumbres en inglés son boludeces (idioteces) la traducción al castellano es peor

In Argentina you start drinking yerba mate very young. Some kids get their first drink from a baby bottle. By infusing the yerba mate with milk.

Beneficios y Curiosidades de la Yerba Mate - Club Salud Natural #yerbamate

Beneficios y Curiosidades de la Yerba Mate - Club Salud Natural #yerbamate

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Brewing yerba mate with a kettle ("pava" in spanish). The word "Pava" (Turkey) comes from the similarity the Gaucho saw in this vessel with the silhouette of the bird while brooding her eggs in the nest.

El origen de "Keep Calm"

El origen de "Keep Calm" - Info

la leyenda de la yerba mate


Yerba Mate Gourd - All You Need To Know Before Making a Purchase

Organic Yerba mate tea has many health benefits. Learn about what it is and how to consume it. In South America, it is called " The Drink of the Gods."

Organic Yerba Mate has many health benefits. First consumers, the Guarani tribe, call it "Drink of the Gods.