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a woman sitting on a brick bench holding up a sign that reads concepoon
A helpful sign in case I forget where I came from Train Station Concepcion - Tucumán
a lone tree in the middle of a field
Somewhere over the rainbow
the mountains are lit up at night by the water
Mi lugar en el mundo || Tafi del Valle || Tucumán
people are on the beach with palm trees
a woman's legs resting on the edge of a swimming pool with lounge chairs in the background
a lush green field surrounded by palm trees and pink flowers in the foreground, on a sunny day
the mountains are covered in green grass and rocks
Mi lugar en el mundo || Tafi del Valle || Tucuman
the street signs are clearly visible for us to see in this photo, and it's not too far from where you can go
three people riding bikes down a road in the woods
an empty road surrounded by trees and leaves
a house in the middle of a field with mountains in the background
Mi lugar en el mundo || Tafi del Valle || Tucumán
cars are parked on the street in front of trees with purple flowers and green leaves
lounge chairs are lined up along the edge of a pool in front of tall buildings
Shore Club
an empty road with windmills in the distance and grass on both sides, under a cloudy sky
Road trippin
the sun is setting over a body of water with buildings in the distance and trees on either side