Valle de las Cuevas, Salta. Argentina

Selling coffee and mate on the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ciudad de Salta.

Salta, Argentina may not be on the top of your list of places to visit. Find the attractions that are in Salta Argentina to see why you should visit.

Iglesia San Francisco - Salta, Argentina.  #Salta #NorteArgentino #LaLinda

Iglesia San Francisco in Salta, Argentina is a great example of the impressive architecture of Argentina.

Cachi, Salta. Ubicada al norte de los Valles Calchaquíes, al pie del Nevado de Cachi, atravesada por el río Calchaquí y la RN40. Altitud 2531 msnm. De clima de fresco y cielo limpio. Arquitectura colonial española. En torno a la Plaza Central se encuentra La Iglesia de Cachi s.XVI, modificada en s.XIX, con elementos del  interior realizados en madera del cardón. También frente a la plaza tiene su acceso el Museo Arqueológico Pío Pablo Díaz. Declarado Lugar Histórico Nacional Decreto 370 PEN.

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Cachi Desert, Cachi is a beautiful town in the Chalchaquí Valleys of on the east slope of Nevado Hill at above the sea.

Nombres de los: Ponchos argentinos

Have you ever ridden in a poncho? When I visit a new country I try to immerse myself in the horse culture choosing to ride in the traditional tack (even if a English saddle is available) and dress in the clothing that is inherent to.

Salinas Grandes, Argentina

Salinas Grandes ------- Salt Flats (Argentina) - We had such a great time taking photos here. Worth the long drive.

ARGENTINA TRAVEL: 3 Easy Day Trips from Salta Argentina Filled with Incredible Landscapes! // Day trip to Cachi, Cafayate, and Jujuy.

3 Day Trips from Salta Filled with Incredible Landscapes!

Planning to travel in Northern Argentina? Here are 3 easy day trips from Salta filled with incredible landscapes, including: Cachi, Cafayate, and Jujuy.

"Pueblo de Iruya". Salta. Argentina

Pueblo de Iruya, near Salta, Argentina. I would get off the bus at one of these places and spend a lazy day and night.