4 Chilling Books You Won't be Able to Put Down!

4 Chilling Books You Won't be Able to Put Down!


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Greys Anatomy

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The Book Thief

The Book Thief, Markus Zusak, is a historical fiction novel set in Nazi Germany. Told from the perspective of a personified version of Death, The Book Thief is a outstanding and unique story that shows what it's like to be alone and afraid.

Hunger Games

The Hunger Games Series. Obviously I am rereading them with the second movie coming out! The Hunger Games ✔️ Catching Fire Mockingjay

mi planta de naranja-lima (José Mauro de Vasconcelos)

resumen de mi planta de naranja lima (por capitulos)

A book that changed my life when I was little - Mi planta de naranja-lima, Jose Mauro de Vasconcelos

Big Bang Theory!

The Big Bang Theory (TV show) Kunal Nayyar, Kaley Cuoco, Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki and Simon Helberg (from left)

♥ Phillip Phillips: Home

Phillip Phillips: Home - Winner - AMERICAN IDOL SEASON from Georgia, who dealt with serious kidney problems throughout the season, was crowned the champ of Idol's season.

The Help, words are not enough to express how perfect is this movie in so many ways

The Help. Starring Emma Stone and Viola Davis. "You is kind. You is smart." I read the book and the movie was just as good as the book!

Stieg Larsson

The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest (Millennium Trilogy Series by Stieg Larsson

how i met your mother

The final big mystery of How I Met Your Mother was answered: the Pineapple Incident. Early in the first season, Ted gets super-drunk, and wakes up the . View More Unsolved Mysteries From 'How I Met Your Mother'" and more funny posts on Dorkly

Stieg Larsson

The girl who played with fire - Stieg Larsson The second book of the Millennium trilogy. I thought there was gonna a bit more twists but I guess he left it for the third book to grab on. (Or maybe for the further ones, which will never be published :-( )

The Truman Show

THE TRUMAN SHOW Directed by Peter Weir. With Jim Carrey, Ed Harris, Laura Linney, Noah Emmerich. An insurance salesman/adjuster discovers his entire life is actually a T. show.

hunger games

Next week, The Hunger Games movie will be released. This movie is based on the first of three young adult novels written by Suzanne Collins. The Hunger Games, was released in 2008 with the second…