Bike storage

Patio with exterior stone floors, Outdoor bike shed, TreeSaurus Bike Storage, Looks inconvenient and damp from green top -- but may be good for trash cans

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This decorative wood feature doubles as lighting

Project entry 2014 Africa Middle East - Eco-Techno Park: Green building showcase and enterprise …

12 Projects Win Regional Holcim Awards 2014 for Africa Middle East,GOLD: Eco-Techno Park: Green building showcase and enterprise hub. Image Courtesy of Holcim Foundation

Public space design proposal for mound park in Ukmerge

Terrace of Ukmergė is a design proposal suggesting how to create cosy and attractive green public space next to the mound park in Ukmergė town.


Diseños con funcionalidades

Richard -in this grey water system, it shows that of used water and of new water is used to flush toilets. This water system is environmentally sustainable because it uses used water from the sink so the water has a new purpose after its been used