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an open book with some writing on it
I brought him to your disciples, but they could not heal him
I am trying to grow Communication Jesus into one of the biggest christian social media company spreading the world of God to the billions who use social media daily. Please message me any christian media or content you have made and I will give you credit. I am willing to give you as much credit as you want. Please message me and lets grow Communicatiom Jesus to something that will make God smile.
a poster with the words 7 steps to heaven
7 Psalms to Help Calm Anxiety - Free Indeed
7 Psalms to Help Calm Anxiety - Free Indeed
Body Care, Losing Weight Tips, Learn To Pray, Effective Prayer, Learning To Pray, Weight Los, Lose 50 Pounds, Self Control, Free Printable
What You Need to Know About Prayer for Weight Loss
a poster with the words 12 bible verses every woman should know
12 Bible Verses Every Woman Needs to Know - Blog
the bible emergency numbers page on an iphone
Scripture for Every Situation