Sailboat cupcakes! @Brittney Varner I may ask you to make these (the cupcakes; I can do the sails) yay

[Inspiration] Nautical Birthday Dessert Table - Spaceships and Laser Beams Love the sail boat cupcakes and table decor

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Collected below are fifteen sailboat inspired cakes that you'll definitely want to check out! Sailboat cakes are great for a variety of parties and events. From baby showers to birthday parties, th.

Sailboat Cupcakes- easy to make with gummy fruit slice, toothpick, and material for sail!

sailboat cupcakes-Blue Skies Retreat blue iced cupcakes from Sams Club, we added the sails and sprinkles. Sails made from scrapbook paper.

Fondant twin sailor cake toppers! Fondant boats.

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Sailboat fondant cake topper and set - Nautical party -Nautical Baby Shower - Fondant boat -Nautical cake - Nautical topper