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One Year to Rule Them All!

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a green plate with napkins on it and the words, one napkin ring
How to Make One (Napkin) Ring to Rule Them All
there is a bowl full of cookies and a sign that says hobbit door cookies
Lord of the Rings party decor
cupcakes decorated with green and brown icing are arranged on a tree stump
The Hobbit Party: A Long Expected Party {Lord of the Rings}
a bowl full of red gummy bears next to a plate with cookies on it
23 Lord of the Rings Recipes For The Perfect LOTR Party
apples and cinnamon sticks are on the table
An Unexpected Party - Part 2 - Food Fit for a Hobbit
HOW TO: LORD OF THE RINGS PARTY #30 #lordoftherings #themedparty #30thbirthday
an arrangement of fruits and vegetables with the name legola's arrows written on it
35+ Enchanting Fantasy Themed Birthday Party Ideas
there is a pile of leafy vegetables on the table