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One-shots of some of my Hetalia OTPs. Warning: Contains Yaoi, may contain curse words, lemon (if requested). There will be 2Ps and maybe other AUs. If you still are interested after reading all of the above, I hope you will enjoy the following contents and thank you for reading. ^^ Some of my one shots might be inspired from prompts seen on tumblr, Pinterest, instagram, etc or from movie scenes or whatever , so you might recognize the plot or vibe

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Fanarty z Hetali

\(^•^)/ \(^•^)/ Czas się wreszcie za to zabrać. Dużo tego pewnie na Wattpadzie, ale postanowiłam ogarnąć moja jakże cud...

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GOOD MORNING AMERICA by nairchan on DeviantArt

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CAUTION Characters from Axis Powers H... GOOD MORNING AMERICA

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Trollmann by maivalkov on DeviantArt

At last here's the next comic, featuring England and Romania as voted by you guys. Thanks to all who joined in with the polls, even if your character di... Trollmann

A Special Relationship

0712 hush-salmon: “ 海軍べいえ ”

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Hetaliowe Malowidła Z Sieci Kradzione ;3 (Zacny tytuł milordzie)

Po prostu obrazki i memy Czego chcieć więcej? °•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•° nr.1 w #usuk 01.09.2019 uwu nr. 1 w #badtouchtrio 02.09.2019 ^•^ nr. 16 w #shipy 17.10.2019 :D nr. 45 w #hetalia 29.10.2019 c:

Alfred F. Jones

I'd like to tie you up in knots by 緑雲 2014-02-26 18:54:40 on pixiv