Barras de avena con frutos secos

Barras de avena con frutos secos

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Twittear     Estos muffins son una verdadera delicia :-) Son esponjosos y están llenos de trocitos de manzana aromatizada con c...

Muffins de Manzana, Canela y Yogur

Receta express: Tarta de coco, bananas y dulce de leche - Maru Botana

Receta express: Tarta de coco, bananas y dulce de leche - Maru Botana


Homemade Applesauce

Applesauce by Ree Drummond / The Pioneer Woman. didn't have apple juice or cider so used water. this applesauce is perfect :)


Overnight blueberry-sourdough-scones--method looks interesting (similar to upside-down cake)

3-Minute Mug Cakes 4 Ways

3-Minute Mug Cakes 4 Ways

Mug cakes = easiest dessert ever.Posted on April Minute Mug Cakes 4 WaysChocolate Hazelnut Mug CakeServings: tablespoons tablespoons tablespoons cocoa powder½ teaspoon baking tablespoons tablespoon oil, such as vegetable or teaspo

Sourdough Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins - Holistic Squid

These sourdough lemon poppy seed muffins use slow fermentation for a delicious treat that is also good for you!

Healthy Bran Mini Muffins, by Anna Olson

Healthy Bran Mini Muffins

Bake With Anna Olson TV Show recipes on Food Network Canada; your exclusive source for the latest Bake With Anna Olson recipes and cooking guides.

4 easy ways to sibstitute half-and-half

4 Easy Ways to Make Your Own Half-and-Half Substitute — Tips from The

make a half-and-half substitute out of dairy you probably already have at home? Here are four easy ways to make your own half-and-half substitute.