Willy Wonka Party

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several people standing around a bed with an old man and woman sleeping on top of it
Willy Wonka Jr.
an empty stage with several colorfully painted stools and lights on it's sides
Willy Wonka Jr. 2009
a blue cart filled with candy and lollipops on top of a black floor
wonka candy cart
an image of candy land with trees, rocks and candies in the foreground
Dreamy Candy World.
a man in a purple coat and top hat standing in front of fake flowers, plants and umbrellas
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
there are many gummy bears in the rainbow colored colors on this wall, and they look like teddy bears
an art exhibit with colorful sculptures on the wall and paint splattered over them
Visit the Museum of Ice Cream - Lots of PINK in Los Angeles, California — The Sweetest Escapes
an array of colorful candy lollipops floating in the air on a sunny day
Candy Cane Forest, mike heath