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Chroniken des Blutes und Absinth: Photo

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SZA, Pauline Voß

SZA by Pauline Voß on ArtStation.

I've been reincarnated into another world as a witch [ON HOLD]

19 year old college student, Riley Delton, somewhat ridiculously meets her end when she slips on a banana peel. She thought that that was the end for her, but immediately afterwards she wakes up in some strange forest in the middle of nowhere. It seems that 'The Gods that be' have decided to reincarnate her into a world filled with magic and kingdoms and handsome princes, so that with her knowledge of modern life and society she will be able to speed up this worlds slow development. Of…


Jeenu Mahadevan by Nick Thompson for Shortlist Magazine FW 2018

A Panther's Panther. (T'Challa x Reader)

The Soul Stone is passed down from mother to daughter. Only strong women has the ability to wield the stone. This has happened for hundreds of years and for those hundreds of year the Black Panther and all of Wakanda has tried (and succeeded) in keeping the world from knowing they are in possession of the final infinity stone. The stone, however, gives the wielder an ability most wouldn't associate with it. It gives the wielder and the wielders children the ability to turn into a panther…


You know, you should probably take a break and read KOA first. Nothing condescending, just, u seem overworked, and the book is like the perfect break...Love ya!!! <333 oh yes, i agree. im overworked...

Juxtapoz Magazine - Pink Narcissus by James Bidgood

Born in 1933, James Bidgood is an American artist, filmmaker, and photographer currently living and working in New York City. In 1971 he released his...