this is a very cool way to draw hair, as opposed to lots of lines up top or throughout, just at the bottom. Black and white nude girl with long hair


Splendiferous- inspiring people sculptural drawing by christina james nielsen: Presentation of sculptural drawings

What a lovely little paper and wire sculpture

70 constructions of wire that you can make yourself! What an awesome idea for craft night!

Gustav Klimt, Hope I, 1903

Hope I Gustav Klimt Date: 1903 Style: Symbolism Period: Golden phase Genre: allegorical painting Media: oil, canvas Dimensions: 67 x cm Location: National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Canada

Taller de arte 2010: Cartapesta-Papel mache

tangle birds - draw on post-it notes for deco on whatever

Love Songs through Matter

'I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.' -Michelangelo Who knows if he really said that. It's an awesome sculpture and a great quote.

Untitled by Kyle Henderson. Image Courtesy of Maggie's

Artworks by Architects to be Auctioned for Maggie's Centres

arquigraph: Artworks by Architects to be Auctioned for Maggie’s Centres Untitled by Kyle Henderson. Image Courtesy of Maggie’s

jan van eyck

"The Ghent Altarpiece - Singing Angels, detail" by Jan van Eyck. Van Eyck makes me feel like a baby trying to paint.

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weave x Note: combs on an angle mount. Removable so can take the woven piece off without cutting the ends. like the ricks beading loom?