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SLAP IT! [Irregular Past Tense Verbs Game]-- a FUN and FREE printable to help teach your child irregular verbs

SLAP IT! [Irregular Past Tense Verbs Game]

My son said, "I buyed it" the other day. You'd think he'd uttered a four letter word. This writer with an B.A. in English nearly had to cover her ears. Okay, I am being a tad overdramatic. But it was certainly annoying enough to inspire this game. I used the same template to make the cards as our Irregular Plural Nouns Go Fish game. There are TWO decks of cards for this game, though. Black and white cards = present tense verbs Colorful cards = past tense verbs I printed the cards on…

{FREE} Grammar Posters for the Writer's Notebook

I needed a few inserts to add to my students' writer's binder for our daily grammar spiral review! Here is what I came up with! Hope these are helpful to you! In this FREE download you'll find: - Common Nouns & Proper Nouns Poster - Action Verbs - Adjectives - Pronouns - Irregular Nouns Clipar...

Language Arts File Cabinet  As always Laura Candler "Wows" me!  If you're not familiar with her blog you really should be.  I gotten so many resources from this generous teacher.

Language Arts Teaching Resources

Language Arts Freebies in Laura Candler's online file cabinet for teachers.

Irregular Verbs, great for students to make connection between words on left with words on right. Great if used a couple of times, don't let it just take up wall space. Maybe better used temporarily, but great idea. 0358.

Grammar With Attitude!! :\

We have been having some verb fun the past week. The kids really love the Youtube videos!! I have one I do for nouns and a couple I use for ...

Verbs Present and Past Tense -ed Worksheet

Verbs Present and Past Tense -ed Worksheet

Free worksheet! If you like please rate me. I will be adding a new page with a blank template so you can create your own Valentine's Day themed worksheet.

Verb games: charades and a board game to practice using the correct verb tense. These and lots more activities for the first grade common core language standards!

First Grade Common Core Language Activities and Printables! - Susan Jones

The last two years, I struggled finding ideas, activities, and printables for ALL the Common Core language standards for 1st grade. There are a lot! Piece by piece, I created activities, games, and practice pages for the first batch of language standards. This pack is already 128 pages jam-packed with ideas and it is only […]

Super awesome verb activities: cat with shoes, angry verbs   "First Grade Fairytales: Angry Verbs"

Angry Verbs & A GIVEAWAY!!! :)

It's the weekend AND the first official day of my fall break! Can you I tell you again how happy I am with our new calendar?!?! It breaks the whole year up & delivers a break when we all really need it. However, yesterday at school, everyone was talking about their beach . . . mountain . . . enter fun place here . . . plans & I am cleaning. Yep, it's time to really clean this house! After a $100 trip to Wal Mart for necessities and new cleaning supplies, I'm ready to get down with the…

Grammar Sandwiches games for irregular past tense and sentence building with free downloadables

Speech Room News

Today I wanted to share a few activities I have been doing in my speech room. They are both grammar activities for kids in early elementary. You can turn your speech room into a sandwich

Free!! Treasure Chest of Verbs!  Reg. & irr. Verb fun thanks to pitnerspotourri!

Treasure Chest of Verbs -- Freebie

Common Core Standards, Second Grade, Third Grade, irregular verbs, verb tenses, verbs

Free! Sneezy the Snowman verb tense activity

Sneezy the Snowman Verb Tense Activity Freebie

Sneezy the Snowman Companion Language Activities We love reading Sneezy the Snowman, by Maureen Wright. While the book is not included in this packet and must be purchased separately, and while I have no affiliation with the author, I have put together a few language activities that go with the sto...

Past tense verbs practice (including irregulars). Good practice for ESL kids too!

Past Tense Verbs Practice

Here’s a free worksheet to help kids practice past tense verbs. Most of the verbs in this worksheet are irregular verbs (e.g. “feel” becomes “felt”), which are especia…

Swat It Verb  Tense $ A fun team game using fly swatters to swat the verb tense matches. The teacher or designated "caller" states the desired word from the calling list. Present tense or past tense matches are options in this set. The 2 players competing hold a fly swatter and win a point for their team if they are the first to "Swat" the correct verb tense match. Game can be played whole group or in small groups.

Verb Tenses Swat It Game

A fun team game using fly swatters to swat the verb tense matches. The teacher or designated "caller" states the desired word from the calling list. Present tense or past tense matches are options in this set. The 2 players competing hold a fly swatter and win a point for their team if they are the ...

Verb Shaker: Students can shake the bottle around to find the different words hidden in the rice.  Once they find a word, they can: identify past or future tenses for each word in the shaker, use the verb in a sentence in desired tense, or independent activities for sentence writing or verb sorting

Verb Shaker!

I have another Pinterest inspired DIY game for you! One of my most favorite blogs is Classroom DIY…they have so many great ideas! It is a collaborative blog, where several contributors do p…

FREE Literacy Center-past and present tense verb matching; cute activity during Read Across America

Three Fun Freebies for Read Across America

Happy last day of February! Spring is just around the corner and I couldn't be happier. National Read Across America Day, also know as Dr. Seuss Day is also just a few days away. Like many of you, our school has some special events planned to promote reading and the love of books during that week: Crazy Socks Day, Hat Day, Dress Like Your Favorite Character Day, and so on. We kicked off the festivities today with a green eggs & ham breakfast. I'm still trying to narrow down my list of…

FREE Irregular Verb Activities

FREE Irregular Verb Activities

This product includes 2 cut and paste word sorts with past and present tense irregular verbs which can either be laminated and used over and over, or printed for students to cut and paste their own copies :) It also includes 2 fill in tables of past and present irregular verbs where students write i...