Personality, Perception and the Brain

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Pavlov dogs
We'll join the U.N. - later.


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mcdougal development chart


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Shawn Coss art


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Pink Freud, "Wish Jung Were Here"
Freud Defense Mechanisms Chart | Defense mechanism examples


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Cognitive/ Learning Styles
learning cognitive bias

Multiple intelligences

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Another four temperaments table, using Wikipedia smilies. In five temperament theory, Phlegmatic face is really Supine, and Phlegmatic should be a plain face. Supine would be "strong-willed" only in the sense of enforcing someone else's decisions, and is only "unemotional" in the sense of hiding them.
medieval | Tumblr
The Four Temperaments


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13 Things Mentally Strong People Dont Do Fitness, People, Personas, Persona, Women, Motion, Fit, Hit, Stark
13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do - LifeHack
13 Things Mentally Strong People Dont Do
a dog is standing in front of a sign
Pavlov dogs
a monopoly board game with men in suits and ties on it, including the words psychopy
Psychopoly Game - Etsy
a map that shows the different types of food
Funny Pic Dump (13) | Pleated Jeans
We'll join the U.N. - later.
a quote that reads sticks and stones may break my bones but words will only cause permanent psyclical damage
Time to Play Real, Fake, Reprint - 1933 Goudey edition
an animal that is looking at the camera with caption saying, i am not sure if
Psychology Major Rat memes | quickmeme
a cat laying on top of a laptop computer next to a window with the caption i can't read this book
Going, Off Running
three wine glasses with different expressions on them, one saying i'm half empty
Realists as they view themselves.
a road with the words toxic, hope and positivity
Therapy Worksheets, Coping Skills, Pre K, Worksheets, Emotional Regulation, Mental And Emotional Health, Numbness In Hands, Emotional Health
Emotion Sensation Feeling Wheel - Printable Feelings Wheel Resources for Adults and Kids
Emotions Posters, Poster Design, Sell Your Art, Independent Artist, Poster, Emotion Chart, Feelings Wheel, Emotions Wheel, Redbubble
"Wheel Of Emotions" Poster for Sale by Inna Soyturk