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Rings: An Old Irish Game Getting a New Lease on Life
Gwdyybwyll, an ancient cymric board game (similar to brandubh)

Games of antiquity

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Traditional Board Game Expo in India by Purple Pawn
a Sri Lankan table pictured in the reception of the Kandalama Hotel, Sri Lanka.  It is made from Mahogany and is designed in the form of an Olinda Kaliya board.  The author is now the proud owner of this table - and the larger than life playing seeds that go with it.
Sungka-an, a traditional Filipino game.


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Backgammon board made from kitchen sponges.
Games board and accessories        Place of origin:        Granada, Spain (probably, made)      Date:        1525-75 (made)      Artist/Maker:        unknown (production)      Materials and Techniques:        Oak board with marquetry of ivory, ebony and coloured woods with ivory and ebony accessories    V


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"Go (圍棋 weiqi in Chinese, 囲碁 igo in Japanese, 바둑 baduk in Korean, common meaning: "encircling game") is a board game for two players that originated in China more than 2,000 years ago. The game is noted for being rich in strategy despite its relatively simple rules." ~ Wikipedia
Bushchicken: The I Ching


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Early 15th Century Playing Cards, Baraja Morisca, possibly made in either Switzerland or Germany
English Georgian Playing Cards circa 1801.  Playing card games was a popular pastime in the eighteenth century. Favourite games were Whist, Cribbage, Piquet and Loo. There was much gambling at this time.

playing cards

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Hnefatafl Wessex Ancient Viking board game revived
Brandubh board

hnefatafl & brandubh

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Shogi Japanese chess


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an old book with some type of pattern on the page and two rows of squares
Hnefatafl, an ancient Viking board game, revived.
Hnefatafl Wessex Ancient Viking board game revived
Shogi Japanese chess Games, Apps, Japanese Games, Shogi Board, Chess Game, Chess Online, Japanese, Chess, Ancient Tools
Shogi (将棋): Japanese Chess – The Chess Variant Pages
Shogi Japanese chess
two star wars characters playing chess in front of a tent set up for an event
a manhole cover with chess pieces on it
a game board with pieces of red, white and blue on it next to a book
Original WWII German Board Game – Wehrmacht Tak Tik
an old photo of two men playing chess
Charlie Chaplin
a small dog laying on top of an open book
a black and white photo of people playing chess in front of an old building with the caption human chess in 1932, st petersburg, russia
Wheretostay.Tips | Travel site & useful travel guides
“Human chess”, Russia, 1924.
an old black and white photo of people playing chess
the shadow of a horse on a chess board
47 Conceptual, Imaginary Photography By Russian Artist Victoria Ivanova
an old man and woman playing chess outside
a chess board with many statues on it
Itinerary for the Golden Triangle in India - Best Golden Triangle Itinerary
giant chess set in India