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DIY Foam Frames of Awesomeness
Murder mystery party mug shots

Photo Booth

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Clue Game Sheets Printable
Nancy Drew Halloween Party - The Velvet Mas-CLUE-Rade - www.nancydrewsleuth.com
With the popularity of crime dramas like "CSI" and "NCIS," many Americans have become interested in the work of forensic detectives. Whether you are setting up for a student demonstration or are planning a murder mystery party for your friends, making the crime scene look as authentic as possible will create a richer experience for the...

The Props

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The Kolblog — After the first and second batch, this pretty much...
Clue Ballroom, Andrew Kolb
Clue Dining Room, Andrew Kolb

The Board

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One of my senior projects. Took it upon myself to illustrate all the cards from the classic board game, Clue. Wanted to give it a 1960s aesthetic and was heavily influenced by the work of Bob Peak....
"Clue - Mrs. Peacock" by watershome ❤ liked on Polyvore
It was Professor Plum in the library with a revolver! This Clue inspired costume is adorable, but this cute LulaRoe Amelia dress with leggings is great ANY day of the year. For more cute and versatile clothes like these, shop.withbeckyo.com


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a crossword puzzle with the words monster and spider on it's back side
Worksheets for Kids & Free Printables
Worksheets: Monster Seance Logic Problem
the movie poster for clue, featuring four different colored pawns and one black background
Clue Movie Poster by thegrassynoel on DeviantArt
Make your own cards for the game, using campus buildings as the possible murder scenes. and use 6 people from your real group to be the possible killers. Divide into 2 teams. Draw out one person card, one weapon card and one location card from the total cards. Shuffle the rest and distribute them equally between each team. Each team will then have a few clues as to who is NOT the killer, NOT and NOT the location. They have to be in a building to guess it as a location.
an image of a library with two chairs and bookshelves on the shelves in front of them
The Kolblog
The Kolblog — After the first and second batch, this pretty much...
a poster with an image of a piano, chandelier and other things on it
Clue Ballroom, Andrew Kolb
the dining room poster is designed to look like it has been decorated in black and white
Clue Dining Room, Andrew Kolb
a kitchen poster with pots, pans and utensils
Clue Kitchen, Andrew Kolb
an art deco poster with some plants and a man standing on top of a pedestal
Clue Conservatory, Andrew Kolb
the billiard room poster is shown in black and tan colors, with an old - fashioned
The Kolblog
The Kolblog — Personal project alert! I’ve always loved the...
an illustration of a living room with a fireplace and couch in front of the fireplace
The Kolblog
The Kolblog — After the first and second batch, this pretty much...
an image of a cross stitch pattern in the shape of a chandelier on a computer screen
The Free SVG Blog
Website with free svg files. Also has flames that would be cute on Micah's gocart.
the front cover of dream brickyard's book, with an intricate design on it
Decoração de Festa: Bonequinha de Luxo
Decoração de Festa: Bonequinha de Luxo
three white candles are sitting on a stand
Wedding Dresses, Bridesmaids Dresses & More | Anthropologie Weddings
Pop-Up Candelabra- painted this could work, but its sold out!
a chandelier silhouetted against a white background
Chandelier SVG Digital Download Cut File Graphic Vector Image - Etsy
Chandelier SVG Digital Download Cut File Graphic Vector Image Cut
a chandelier with candles and pearls on the bottom, in white against a gray background
Este artículo no está disponible | Etsy
Araña-STENCIL reutilizable disponible en 8 por SuperiorStencils
an illustration of a clock in the middle of a room
Clue Hall, Andrew Kolb