Soneva Fushi Resort in the Maldives.the most famous holiday resort place in Maldives.Soneva is a world leading sustainable luxury resort operator which owns and manages Soneva Fushi in the Maldives

Daisy Border machine embroidery design.

Daisy Border (from "He Loves Me")

MAC lipstick swatches

MAC lipstick swatches really like Velvet Teddy & Kinda Sexy

Tuck your guests into a cozy hall closet

Mary's Childhood Bedroom

i would have killed for a bed like this growing up. it has a book case, i could lock out the light, and my room would look like a hang out place instead of a sleeping place.

dibujo de flores para bordados con lana sobre arpillera - Buscar con Google

Embroidery for any garment - try it on a denim jacket

Embroidered tote bag

Tote bag with floral embroidery.

Maria Pastora Artesanias Facebook

Miss Kaylie's Kolor-Full Kottage

WHAT kind of place is this..heaven i'm sure


Panchoran Retreat Ubud, Bali (Coolest Tree House Ever)

Resultado de imagen para patrones de bordado mexicano

Resultado de imagen para patrones de bordado mexicano / Фото #53 - 1 - karabina

For Me: cross-stitched blouse - crochet kingdom FB